Where to buy Devon charcoal

Why Buy Devon Charcoal?

Supports Sustainable Management of Devon's Landscape and Habitats The use of small diameter wood supports sustainable woodland management such as coppicing and thinning that may otherwise not be commercially viable. As well as lots of unmanaged woodland, Devon has 33,000 miles of hedges. If these hedges were managed in the traditional Devon style, they could supply all of Devon's charcoal. If you would like to know more about traditional management of Devon's hedges, you should speak to Blackdown Hills Hedge Association.

Lights Easily, Heats Quickly Barbecue charcoal from Devon is lighter by volume than imported charcoal. Therefore it lights easily and takes less time to reach cooking temperature. When lighting barbecue charcoal that is made in Devon, just roll up some paper, put it in the bottom of your barbecue, place the charcoal on top and light the paper. Your barbecue will be ready to cook on in 10 to 15 minutes.

No chemical additives Imported charcoal normally contains volatile chemicals to assist lighting and binders to hold it together if it is in briquette form. These chemical additives do not have to be listed on the packaging and may taint your food. Charcoal that is made in Devon does not contain these additives. It is therefore the perfect way to cook the high quality meat that Devon is famous for.

RainforestFree Imported charcoal often comes from the clearfelling of environmentally sensitive areas, such as rainforests and mangrove swamps. In Devon wood for charcoal is almost always harvested in a sustainable manner.

Supports Small Enterprises Charcoal from Devon is mainly made by individuals or environmental organisations such as the Wildlife Trusts. Imported charcoal tends to be produced by multinationals.

Fewer Charcoal Miles Locally made charcoal has not travelled so far to get to your barbecue thereby reducing its carbon footprint. If all the barbecues in Devon used charcoal from Devon thousands of unnecessary miles of transport would be prevented.